Many adolescents and adults engage in the activity of gambling. These individuals engage in this activity for many different reasons, including for the purpose of making money, fun, and/or enjoyment. While it’s possible for adolescent pathological gamblers to skip work or school to gamble, they may also bet pocket money or items such as video games and iPods.

Adolescents gamble for fun

Gambling activities among adolescents are varied, ranging from card games to dares and challenges. It is also common to find teens betting on sports games and placing bets on horse races. In addition, gambling is often promoted in movies and television shows. It is estimated that nearly four percent of adolescents gamble regularly.

Adolescents’ gambling habits are often influenced by family life and sociodemographic characteristics. Several studies have found that the presence of a parent or family member in the adolescent’s life and family satisfaction significantly predicted risk behaviour. However, family life satisfaction, school related factors, and parental characteristics are also associated with gambling.

They gamble to make money

Although most gamblers cite financial motives, some studies have found that youths also gamble for social reasons. While adolescents are less likely than adults to report large wins, Lynch says new measures are needed to identify problems with gambling among adolescents. While a high-income household is often associated with a higher risk of gambling disorders, children often do not have access to these financial resources.